Private Yoga Sessions

Alexis Kiresepi Sandrine Kamhi

        Alexis Kiresepi                 Sandrine Kamhi

Whether you are staying at Georges Hotel Galata for business or pleasure, take some time out of your hectic day to unwind and release any tension from your body.

Whether you want to try yoga for the first time or you are an experienced practitioner, Georges Hotel Galata can arrange a private instructor in your room, who will tailor the yoga session to your needs and expectations.

In addition, State of Yoga provides group lessons on a weekly basis and offer workshops through the hotel, for both guests and outside clients.

Georges Hotel Galata works in collaboration with State of Yoga, a concierge Yoga service provider. Together we will arrange for the best and most qualified teacher to come to your room and offer a custom designed class specifically tailored to meet your needs.